About us

Our company is satisfied to present this proposal to you. We want to accept this open door to present our company “Unique Salt” founded in 2015, situated in Quaidabad, Punjab, Pakistan. We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan Pink salt products. Our company manufactures more than a hundred products.

We have exported our products around the world and is famous for its quality, commitment, designs, and styles of salt products & fair business dealings. Due to our customer’s-oriented approach and professional teamwork, we aim at satisfying the customer’s needs at our level best. UniqueSalt is a body corporate registered as a legal entity in Pakistan & associated since its creation with the Sargodha Chamber of Commerce & industries and FBR.

Why us?

UniqueSalt Company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Himalayan Salt Products including Salt blocks, natural salt lamps, crafted salt lamps, USB salt lamps, edible salt, animal licking salt, tiles & cooking slabs, tealight holders, and much more. We can provide all shapes and sizes of Natural and Crafted salt lamps at economical prices and with supreme quality. Our Salt Lamps are made up of high wrought workers. Cords for every country are available Each Salt Lamps consist of a polished wooden base.

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If you need our Product Catalog, Want Pricing, Have Questions about Shipping, or anything else, reach out to us we’ll respond as soon as we can. For any kind of query feel free to contact us.

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